Distribution Software

The Electronic Invoice

Save time and print out invoices directly from your smartphone.

Impress your clients with professional looking invoices. eFatura is the ideal distribution program for businesses and suppliers.

Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love.


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All in One

The Electronic Invoice

eFatura brings you the electronic invoice format, approved by the Min. Of Finance and Economy

Perfect for Suppliers and Distributors

Easily manage sales and client’s requests on the spot. Field sales are easier than ever.

Portable Printer

Print out reports and invoices anytime and anywhere you need them by connecting with Bluetooth to the portable printer.

Professional Program

Avoid any miscalculation while filling out invoices and impress your customers with faster service and accuracy.


Create reports for every sale, cash registry, client, last price of a sold product

Save Time

Take your business to the next level with on the spot filled out invoices. Bring a new service standard guaranteed to impress.

Magazine Management

Monitor and control products in your inventory. See which products sell better and plan the next stock up accordingly.