eFatura is a distribution software made flexible for every business, by offering services according to their needs.

If your clients come directly to you or you go to them through your sale agents, eFatura has the answer for each situation.

  • Works under any condition and enviroment, making it perfect for distributors and suppliers
  • Print out invoices everywhere you need them with a portable Bluetooth connected printer that you can take everywhere with you.
  • Online/Offline. Work uninterrupted even when you have no connection. eFatura  saves all the data locally and synchronizes them back to the database when you are reconnected.
  • Have full control over sales and discounts.  Determine fixed discount rates that only you can change, avoiding any possible malpractice by field agents.
  • All services in one simple software. Everything is integrated in an easy to handle user interface, hiding the complexity of the program’s functions.
  • No need for training after the initial implementation phase.  eFatura is designed to be easily used by every member of the sale and distribution team.
  • Applicable in every office environment and for outdoor usage.

eFatura enables you to create sales reports directly from the program.

With eFatura you can:

  • Store client visit details. Store information about the amount, frequency, sales and jot down notes to track clients requests and complaints.
  • Create sale reports on the spot. Generate sale reports according to the date, time period, client or number of products.
  • Cash Registry. Quickly print out reports for your cash registry.
  • Monitor the latest price.  eFatura enables you to store information of every sale your agents do. You can check at any moment what’s being sold and for how much.

Magazine Management

Monitor the state of your inventory and products.  Manage the number of products sold within different time frames, helping you plan with upcoming inventories.

Sales Records

Every sales record at fingertips. Print out records for each product transaction and create reports for later on.

Visits and Surveys

Keep track of how every client visit goes.  Write done notes or easily fill out inquiries and surveys.



Type Portable Thermal Printer
Resolution 203dpi(8dots/mm)
Print Width 110mm (tolerance of 104mm-114mm)
Connection Bluetooth 4.0
Printing Speed Thermal paper: 80mm/s

Sticker paper: 70mm/s

Feeding speed 80mm/s
Receive buffer size 128KB
Interface Rs-232, USB2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode
Sensors Black mark sensor, label gap sensor, paper absence sensor, cover open sensor, temperature sensor
Battery 400 Cycles Rechargeable
Power input Adaptor 9V/3A DC; 7.4V lithium battery
Dimensions(W x D  x H) 159 x 152 x 72mm


Price 346€ with VAT